Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Red Door: Prologue

The very first thing I ever wrote for my first book The Red Door was a little prologue. (Side Note: The Red Door is my title, that could get changed by the publisher if they pick the book up for publication).

There have been a few things I have changed with the characters in this prologue in the 10 years since this story trickled in to my mind, heart, and soul and held on tight. I have debated off and on for a very long time if I would share this piece of the story ever, if I would share it after the book gets published, or if I would share it before finding an agent and/or publisher to publish the book at all.

I have decided to just go for it and share this little piece of my heart from my first book baby with you out there in Internetland. I hope you enjoy it, and find yourself intrigued to read more of this story that holds a very special place in my heart.

With out further ado, what was once the prologue to The Red Door, by Kelly A. Maeser

The Red Door
By: Kelly Maeser


She ran with all her might through the dark halls of the castle. How they got through the castle gates she would never know. If she could just reach the Red Door she would be safe. They would all be safe. If she could just send out a message then maybe someone would know of her danger and send a savior to them; to save their world.

She rushed past a fallen guard and again wondered how they could have penetrated the walls of the castle. All had been put under the spell Oliver cast; all but her. Her family, the servants, the guards, even some of the people from the near-by village had suffered under the spell. Everyone was motionless, transformed into statues. At one time she thought her curse to be a burden she must carry, but this time it had spared her. It gave her the chance to save them all by sending out the door for help. 

Running down to the dungeon she could hear them gaining on her. Her curse was catching up to her as well. Soon she would fall asleep. She must get to the Red Door. She must send out a message to another world. She wasn’t sure how it all worked, but from the stories of the Red Door that she had heard as a child, if you needed help sending the door out would bring someone to your aid. She took a sharp right turn trying in vain to lose Devlin and his men. All of a sudden there it was looming ahead of her. The magnificent red door was their last hope. 

With the key grasped tightly in her hand, Rose reached the door with only a few precious moments to spare. Her hands were shaking as she quickly placed the key in the lock and turned it to the right. Suddenly the large red door lit up glowing as though it was on fire. Then as quickly as it started it disappeared. The wall in front of had turned into a slab of stone. In the dark hall she again said the riddle to herself. 

Take the key, turn it right, where once the Red Door stood will become a fire burning bright. Send the Red Door off to a land far away. Send it off and help will come your way.

She leaned back against the slab of stone, which had replaced the spot where the Red Door had been, and slid to the floor. The stone felt cool and moist against her face as though it had come from a cave. Soon she would be asleep and they would take her. She looked up as they turned the corner. Surprised to see not Devlin as she expected but Oliver, the magician who cursed her so long ago. Oliver and his men were drawn to a halt when they saw her sitting on the floor.

“Feeling drowsy Sleeping Beauty?” Oliver asked.

“Do not call me that, ever. Why have you come, what could you possibly want from us?” she asked although she knew the answer. 

“Devlin wants your kingdom. To take back what once belonged to his family."

"Why are you helping him? What is in this for you?"  

"Oh dear Rose, stalling for questions seems futile with the little curse I gifted you on your birth. If your parents had just included all magical folk to your christening. It doesn’t matter much now, there is nothing you can do. Soon you will be asleep and I will be able to lock you up before anyone even knows what has happened here. Now that I have you, their precious Princess Briar Rose,” Oliver continued.

“Devlin's family brought destruction to this land. My grandfather king Peter was a great hero. He didn’t have to help, but did anyway. If he had not taken control of the kingdom it would be in disorder now,” Briar Rose announced in retaliation.

“The kingdom should have stayed in my family. It was ours by birth right and your ancestors took it away,” replied Devlin turning around the corner and walking down the all to where Rose sat fighting and losing against her sleeping curse. Rose looked up at Oliver and Devlin one last time. Her eyes filled with anger, but unable to speak another word as she drifted off to sleep. 

© Kelly Maeser